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About St. Mary's Church

The church "St. Marien" is the central church of the Protestants in Lübeck. It is part of the World Heritage "Lübecker Altstadt", it is the »city church« – in the midst of the shopping area, the church for urban people, for believers and for the »curious, atheists and spiritual ramblers«, as we say. The doors are open, every day, for worship and concerts, exhibitions and bible-exploring groups, devotion and silent prayers and for spiritual welfare. For the Marienkirche is a hospitable place. Seven days a week a welcoming team of volunteers is at service giving opportunity to escape from the malls of central Lübeck. The church opens at 10 a.m. and ends at 4 to 6 p.m.  We offer a daily short act of worship, the 10-minutes service at 12.00 o'clock.

You can join our services at sunday morning at 10 o´clock. This church celebrates with the classic Lutheran liturgy. Often the service is carried by a choir, but continual by the overwhelming music of the organ played by Johannes Unger. 

This church wants to be a house of God, in the city, in contact with people out of touch of their religion, unrelated to their resident parish, but seeking something gone lost for long and suddenly coming back to mind. Almost every day a pastor attending is approachable without appointment (or by appointment at any other times during the week; phone 0451 397700).

In its central location the Marienkirche hosts major ecumenical and city events as well as elaborated projects, performing extraordinary organ compositions (e.g. »Buxtehude festival« ), the annual »Christmas Concert« of the boys choir "Lübecker Knabenkantorei" under the art direction of Karl Hänsel. But all this is centered in, motivated by and focused on delivering the gospel to people God has in mind. 

For more information or to sign up, please contact:

Pastor Robert Pfeifer, phone 0049 451 3977010

For more online-information go to wikipedia.org.